Billing Questions

Some frequently asked questions regarding the billing and payment of Cloud Servers.

How will I be billed?
You will only be billed for the resources that have been used within the billing period. Resources include any RAM, Storage, Licensing hours and Traffic used by servers in any of your projects.

Will I be charged if my servers are offline?
You will not be billed for any Licensing or RAM while a server is in an offline state. However Storage will continue being billed regardless of server state because we need to keep that storage reserved for your machine.

How do I choose monthly or hourly billing?
All servers automatically get billed per hour and charged at month end. If a server is powered on for an entire month then the cost will equal the monthly charge.
How can I choose to pay?
We offer both a Credit Card or Debit order facility for monthly payments. We do not currently support EFT payments.

When do you bill me?
Your usage is calculated between the 21st of the current month and the 20th of the following month. You will then be billed at the end of the month for the usage done.

How do I cancel?
If you are no longer interested in our Cloud simply delete all of the machines in the control panel. You will then no longer receive any usage updates or invoices from us.

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